Aclas CRV5X Etr Machine

Aclas CRV5X Etr Machine


  • With 4G( 3G/2G compatible)/ Ethernet/WIFI to support TIMS connection.
  • 5 years internal data storage: secure and encrypted.
  • 65*132 LCD (4 Lines) big Operator display with backlight.
  • With Secure IC to encrypt TIMS data exchange securely.
  • Portable machine with chargeable Li Battery is very suitable for retail andhospitality fields.


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    Aclas CRV5X New Generation Tim’s Compliant Etr Machine

    Aclas CRV5X is a new generation etr machine that stores, encrypts and automatically sends data to Kra Tims Servers. As its predecessor, aclas crv5x is extremely easy to use and highly portable.

    This etr machine comes with powerful internet connection capabilities via WIFI, Ethernet or even a 4g connection via sim cards for retailers in remote areas.

    At Hivebridge, we fisclaize aclas crv5x with your pin certificate and company details at no extra cost. However, to avoid delays during purchase, please ensure all you required documents such as your KRA pin certificate with VAT obligation and your certificate of incorporation or business certificate are in order.

    This ETR can print fiscal receipts, credit notes and debit notes. It also attaches a unique QR Code for every transaction which can be scanned to verify with the kra server that the document is authentic.

    Get started with Kenya’s best selling brand of ETR Machine today and enjoy a seamless transition and compliance with the new KRA Tims system.

    Aclas CRV5X Qualities

    • High Printing Speed
      High printing speed up to 150mm/s; Easy-loading of paper roll;
    • Data Transfer
      Support program updating or data transferring via network, GPRS,3G without opening machine cabinet;
    • Key Set
      User friendly rubber key set design, Touch feeling and long lifetime;
    • Security
      Data storage and transfer is secured by Bank-Level security design;
    • High Quality



    Model name CRV5x
    K/B normal raised 30 keys
    Operator Display 65*132 LCD
    Client disaply 6+8 LCD
    Printer 1*57MM Thermal Printer/ 150mm/s max printing speed
    Power supply 13.8V, 2.5A
    PLU 10K
    EJ 8G SD (Sandisk)
    Secure IC+FM Fips L2 secure IC ;
    5 years daily report storage in FM( FM only for report backup purpose, it is without expoxy.)
    Batteryl 7.4V, 3Ah
    4G YES, standard
    Interface 1*Drawer+1*RS232+1* host USB+1*Ethernet
    WIFI Optional


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